Athens, Buenos Aires, Patras, Piraeus . . .

    "Peiraias Tango" is the sequel of our long term and successful route in Tango Argentino of Eirini Filippou and Vassilis Ntoukas, which has started since 1998 and culminated with the establishment and operation of "Patras Tango Academia" for nine years.

    In 2016, the winds of life, brought us back to Athens and specifically in Piraeus, where we continue our course in teaching, but also in viewing the art of tango. In this course our companions is our Dance Group which is consisted of the excellent dancers: Agapi Akritidou, Foteini Anevlavi, Nikos Dimitropoulos & Panagiotis Tsakalos.

    Tango Argentino is primarily aimed at adults. Although it comes from Latin America, it is totally different from the rest of latin dances, as it has a technique, rare inwardness and musical speciality due to bandoneon (a unique musical instrument that has been totally identified with tango). It is an improvised dance that promotes personal style and creates a unique sense of freedom and expression. A wonderful journey of feelings and thoughts that helps us become better people. Also, the Tango-based medical studies of the past decade have beneficial properties in the body, in memory and during recovery from various diseases.

    Our courses attract people who want to learn to dance Tango Argentino at amateur or professional level. We approach Tango with a view based on its long tradition, but also on its modernization musically and in dancing, with an integrated proposal that includes, besides the lessons, practical training, technique and theory courses about the social history and the music of tango.

    We are teaching tango at the PLAYGROUND for the arts, Voutsara 4-6, Votanikos, Athens

Vassilis Ntoukas - Eirini Filippou

Founders, Owners, Teachers and Dancers of "Centro Cultural - Patras Tango Academia", "Peiraias Tango".

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