Born in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    Apart from her studies in Tango Argentino, she has also studied classical ballet and contemporary dance.

    Since 1998 she travels in Argentina and Uruguay, where she collaborates with leading teachers and choreographers in Tango Argentino. Founding member of the Academia del Tango of Athens with honors from the Academia Nacional del Tango of Buenos Aires and the Embassy of Uruguay and Argentina in Greece. Was one of the first teachers of Tango Argentino in Greece.

    Has taught and participated in performances in Greece and abroad (France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, England etc.).

    In her assets added lectures on "Social History of Tango" at the University of Athens, columnist in newspapers and magazines, tributes for poetry and literature of Argentina, soundtrack for documentaries for Argentina on television, broadcasts, choreographer in theater performances etc.

    Believes that Tango, apart from social dance, could also be an integral form of art. In her works often uses elements from other dances, musical forms and traditions. Tries to highlight an important aspect of tango not widely known to the general public, which differs from the usual commercial clichés. Tango as music and dance does not only describe erotic passions, but life itself, through the expression of many different emotions and thoughts.

    From 2006 to 2015, with Vassilis Ntoukas, founded the dance school "Patras Tango Academia", where they organized and presented several dancetheaters with the participation of big Tango orchestras from abroad and inaugurated the cooperation, at the level of teaching, with the professor of the Fine Arts School of UNA University of Buenos Aires, Leonardo Cuello.

    Since 2016 she lives, teaches and choreographs in Piraeus where she founded the "Peiraias Tango".

    June 2018 - "Blind Date" Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Choreography & teaching Tango.

Eirini Filippou